Refreshing. Relieving. Recreation.

Tropical Lei Face Mist

Refresh Body & Mind.

Find yourself surrounded by a mist of unique oils and ingredients that will offer you a great retreat during a stressful day. The Tropical Face Mist is the perfect companion at work or during long trips.
Push the nozzle and feel the tropical breeze!


Get Enchanted
by the Power of Nature. 

Are you ready for an extra boost of lemongrass, guava and frangipani flowers? Refined with passionfruit and papaya seed oil, the Tropical Lei Face Mist will never let you down!
A powerful mix based on a unique composition of selected ingredients that feels just great on your skin. 

Tropical face mist with essential oils.
Tropical face mist with essential oils.
Tropical face mist with essential oils - closed.

Tropical Lei Face Mist


Refreshing. Moisturizing. Seducing.

Handmade with Aloha

Tropical and fresh scented face mist with natural & exotic ingredients for a refreshing effect.
Fortified with skin improving nutrients and drops of pure exotic essential oils provide a pleasant feeling. Organic lemongrass hydrosol for a boost of hydration.


The mixture is enriched with pure oils and butters to protect and strengthen your sensitive skin and lips. The enriched exotic scent seduces the senses for a pleasant feeling. Learn more about the authentic All IN ONE experience.

How to Use

Close your eyes and spray gently in your face, tips of your hair and body. Repeat throughout the day whenever you are ready for another tropical kick!


Yasmin hydrosol, Lemongrass hydrosol (cymbopogon citratus),  frangipani (plumeria essential oil), vegetable glycerin, passionfruit oil (organic unrefined maracuja seed oil), organic orchid oil, organic tuberose oil, white lotus absolute (organic nelumbo nucifera absolute oil), vitamin E (tocopherol).
Extraction methods of ingredients: steam distillation, cold pressed, solvent extraction, unrefined and extra virgin.

Product Data

Dimensions: 1.37" x 4.33"
Content: 1.7 fl oz.
Product weight: 4.6 oz.

Please Note: Dropping the product can cause the glass container to break. Please shake before use as the pure oils can settle on the bottom of the glass container. This product has natural ingredients, the color of this product may slightly vary.

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No Chemicals

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