Kōena is Hawaiian and means balance.

Kōena shall remind you to keep your daily life balanced with a positive mindset.
Work and daily life's demands can pressure you all day.
It is impossible to protect yourself against external environmental influences but there are good news:
YOU can create your own balance by yourself!



My Experience as a Makeup Artist

I worked with low-cost as well as premium makeup brands for many years. Most interesting to me are 'exotic' or 'tropical' products because they bring some interesting variety into every day's life. Curious to learn more about these products, I studied their ingredients and descriptions.


It is surprising that so many commercial brands are offering tropical cosmetic or makeup lines which then are based on artificial, fake or chemical mixtures. They just print a tropical image on the packaging, give it an exotic name and use artificial ingredients to imitate flower scents. While the products look tropical it has absolutely nothing to do with authentic ingredients.


Real flowers are extremely valuable because of their power, qualities and scent. This makes these flowers so special.


The Road to Kōena Inspired by Maui

Let us discover the real tropic world. I have visited the four main islands of Hawai'i: O'ahu, Kaua'i, Big Island and Maui including the famous Road to Hana.


I was enchanted by the flowers in the Garden of Eden, one of the hidden spots on the Road to Hana. The scent of the ocean paired with the warm, humid air after a rain shower is like a hug from mother nature.
Most of the time I stayed with locals and they fortunately shared their favorite hot spots of the island with me. If you really want to experience the real Hawaii, I can highly recommend to avoid hotels and look for local hosts via CouchSurfing or AirBnB.
The Aloha lifestyle is very unique and makes the island so special. I was inspired from all that.


Studying all the Hawaiian plants fully convinced me of the positive effects of nature! Finally, I knew how real tropical flowers smell like and what powerful effects they offer. All I can say is: Wow!


Kōena wants to share with you this unforgettable experience: flowers such as frangipani (plumeria), tiaré flower (gardenia taitensis) and white lotus (nymphaea) have an aphrodisiac and also calming effect. The natural scent is so pure and clean that you want to keep your nose in it forever.


Road to Hana


Researching the Beauty Industry

Commercial cosmetic products only include a hint of the natural ingredient or use the cheapest natural raw ingredients where your skin will not notice any differences compared to other commercial products. It is not surprising that many people are not familiar with the real scent or effect of these blossoms.


I have researched many such topics and came to a logical conclusion: natural ingredients offer way more positive effects (right use and dose assumed) for your skin than chemical ones. They do not cause harmful diseases like cancer or gene defects while chemical additives are well known for such horrific long-term effects. The body is able to break down and process natural additives better than chemical ones.


Yes, you can still get allergic reactions or irritations from essential oils, especially if you have sensitive skin or when you use raw ingredients directly on your skin. Although there is no reason to do that you would feel the tingle immediately and just stop using the product or reduce the dose.


I made the experience with artificial products that you often don't even notice the harmfulness of the product and how it damages your skin from inside. You keep on using it until it is too late and irreversible. Chemists dose it in such a way that it is officially not visibly harmful for the skin.
Eventually, after years, the skin is completely over-irritated and you ask yourself: why?


In some cases, such as acne skin, chemical or synthetic creams help because they go really deep into the skin and 'repair' the damaged skin parts. By doing so, these creams often have side effects and dry out the skin extremely. That will make you buy their next product, probably a moisturizer, which will cause another side effect like pore blockages due to comedogenic effects, and so on... you get the idea?


According to my experience over the last 10 years with cosmetics and makeup containing essential oils, the skin can be repaired in a natural way without damaging it.


Give it a try!

Starting Kōena

There are so many cosmetic products on the market and it is difficult to choose a product that you really need and which is worth the money. This is one of the reasons why I created natural cosmetics with only high quality natural ingredients and scents for mental relaxation to bring your mind in balance.
The products do not harm your skin barrier but, instead, they will support you on your journey to natural and long-lasting beauty.


For daily life, I prefer a "be the best of yourself" look, just because I know how harmful thick layers of makeup can be when applied every day. Nowadays, it is normal to wear tons of make-up with expressive colors in order to stand out.
The skin barrier is very thin and ageing will make your skin more sensitive year after year. The barrier gets less protective. Bad makeup products will accelerate this process and can destroy your natural beauty within years. Be prepared for leathery skin and a myriad of wrinkles after years of artificial tanning, layers of makeup and harmful ingredients. Stop it today!


As a creative make-up-artist I love to play around with colors but my absolute favorite product is a scented and transparent lip balm. Origin Menehune - Hawaiian Scented Lip Balm is a must-have in my cosmetic bag!
The lip balm rescues and protects your skin barrier providing you with a groomed, ready-to-kiss look. It is also a perfect base layer for a colored lipstick or lip gloss to let your lips look really pretty and protect them at the same time.


palm tree at the beach


Traditional Beauty Right out of the Paradise

For centuries Polynesian's and Hawaiian's celebrated beauty traditions by using their natural resources which they could find on the islands. For example the popular Plumeria or Pikake flowers and oil from the coconut were all mixed together, applied all over the face and their body to smoothen and protect the skin from the sun. Kukui nut oil, mixed together with gardenia tahitensis extract is also known as Monoї Oil, such an  unforgettable tropical scent, made out of Mother Nature's gifts!


The Monoї oil blend is easy to produce yourself without any unnecessary additives. The fragrance is really addictive and the caring effect is phenomenal. I love the combination of frangipani and gardenia tahitensis blossoms. The scent makes my mind happy and positive.


I really recommend to try out real monoї oil. Be careful, to not buy one of the many cheap, artificially enriched imitations. Read the list of ingredients on the back of the product. Avoid so called 'fragrance oils'.
Some of my acquaintances bought artificially infused monoї oil and were shocked about the excessively intense smell. The negative experience stayed in their mind since then.
When I showed them my homemade monoї oil, they were surprised and thankful for this experience and keep using the mixture for intensive skin protection or just improving their mood.


Try it out: you can find my homemade monoї oil in the Menehune Lip Balms and the Tropical Lei Creme Perfume.


History of the Monoï Oil

The Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands were the first to reach the Hawaiian Islands and brought the beauty tradition to Hawai'i. Monoï oil is an infused perfume-oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (also known as Tiare flowers) in coconut oil.


Monoï (pronounced Mah-noy) is a Tahitian word meaning 'scented oil'. Monoï is widely used among French Polynesians as skin and hair softener. The natives use the oil for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes.


The date when monoï was first created is unknown; however, its origins can be traced back 2000 years to the Mā’ohi, indigenous Polynesians. Maori navigators used monoï to protect their bodies from cold, harsh winds and salt water during long canoe expeditions at sea. Even today, many divers rub monoï all over their bodies prior to diving for the same purpose.


Hawaiian statues


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