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"Everyone is different and has something unique beautiful about themselves. Let me emphasize all the best of you to let you stand out!"

On Location
Professional Hair & Makeup


Film & TV


Film & TV: movies, short films, feature films, low budget productions, tv episodes, live events, sports, news, interviews
I am a licensed stylist and a member of IATSE local 209. 

Commercial & Print


Commercial & Print: business and corporate photo / video productions, commercials, image & publicity campaigns, photoshoots, magazines, photography, video advertising, features, VIP & celebrity makeup, personal hair & makeup

Weddings & Events


Weddings: bridal hair & makeup (trial included), groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridal party, engagement & anniversary shoots
Special Occasions: dinner & cocktail events, galas, black-tie event, charity ball, prom, birthday, baby shower, family events, anniversaries, religious events, festivals, Quinceañera, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas

Special Effects SFX


Special Effects SFX: aging, injuries, scars, scuffs, bruises, burns, veins, pale skin / nausea effect, moles, warts, skin irritation & smoothening, glow effect, wrinkles, black eye, custom and extravagant looks

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Local and out-of-state clients:
TV & Film, Wedding & Bridal, Celebrities and Corporations. 
Enjoy the comfort of premium class service and over 10 years of professional experience. 
Experience the difference by working with a certified and licensed makeup artist.

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Cleveland & Los Angeles 

Everybody is different
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Classic Makeup 
Event Makeup 
Bridesmaid Makeup 
Bridal Hair & Makeup 
Event Makeup
TV, Film, SFX and Print
Personal Makeup
Gentlemen's Makeup
Celebrity & Show Makeup

On Location
Professional Hair Styling 
Classic Hairstyling, blow outs
Hair straightening, curling, waving
Updo, half-up Updo

On Location
Professional Beauty Services
Hair Accessories 
Body Glow 
Band Eyelashes 
Individual Eyelashes 
3D / 5D Lashes 

“I love classic beauty. It’s an idea of beauty with no standard.”  

― Karl Lagerfeld


Flexibility, pleasure and creativity in every situation is the foundation of my premium hair & makeup services.
For individual services, please get in touch with me.


Individual Request

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About Me
Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Experience | Creativity | Reliability

It is my absolute passion to create the perfect look for my clients to let them stand out!
I am a certified esthetician, hair designer, hair & makeup artist and barber. 

I have been trained by the Swiss celebrity Makeup Artist Beni Durrer.
The #1 makeup school Beni Durrer Academy is located in Germany's vibrant capital Berlin. 
My journey continued in Bavaria (Munich and Nuremberg) and now in the best country in the world: USA!!

My Esthetician & Hair Designer licenses are verified through the Ohio Cosmetology Board
As a member of IATSE Local 209 I qualify for Union Work of your film & tv projects. 

With over a decade-long experience in beauty and luxury client services, you can fully rely on my skills.

Portrait of Lina Leikam Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me anything! 

I do not offer airbrush makeup. My title says it all: I am a makeup ARTIST.
Creativity and artistic skills differentiate true makeup artists from the masses. 
Airbrush is great for full-body makeups, but a rather fast and simple way to apply makeup on face (even though many “artists” charge a premium for it), while I strive for best quality and perfection and do not believe in a “one size fits all”-approach. 
Brush and sponge do a way better job for details and a look customized to your skin’s specifics. 
Check out this interesting article which provides a very balanced pro and con overview:
Airbrush is a popular choice for bridal makeups because of the claim that it lasts longer and is able to handle sweat better (which is not true as long as you are using high quality HD makeup).
If you decide to go with an airbrush makeup artist, make sure that person is highly experienced and definitely insist on a trial run.
You might experience flaking or patchy areas otherwise, which will ruin your big wedding day. 

Selected Product Brands

Why I Love To Use These Brands

Of course, Kōena is my personal beauty brand which I love most. 
While I take pride in shaping a beauty brand that is completely free of synthetics and only based on natural ingredients, it is inevitable to also use other brands for professional makeup services. My lineup is still growing and I cannot yet cover everything with Kōena products
This is particularly true for TV, photoshootings, magazines and special events where the short moment of perfection is more important than maximum skin-care or a natural look. 
The difference between all these makeup brands is huge and I picked my favorite brands very carefully. Many of them are limiting the amount of synthetic ingredients and focus on being high-quality makeup products that let your beauty shine!


I loved to work for this brand in Nuremberg, Germany, and admire the ingredients which make your skin look better and more natural. The minerals and vitamins in the products can make the skin really healthier. They claim to be the Creators of Clean Beauty when bareMinerals launched their best-selling mineral foundation in 1995: "We're full of what's good and free of what's not."

Ben Nye 

Ben Nye is a professional makeup brand from Hollywood. The quality and the color options are the best! From clear matte white shadows, bright pink shimmer lip colors to dark sparkly shadows, his variety is just a dream and the color payoff is perfect, a little goes a long way!
His color wheels are gorgeous and everything is HD quality!
,Most products are even still hand-crafted in Los Angeles.


I am trained and certified by Beni Durrer and was able to learn from his decade long work experience with German celebrities and TV Stars. His products are of highest quality with fantastic textures and are very easy to blend, mix and apply. Every product has a name of the Berlin Lifestyle, these products are very authentic and so fun to work with. 
Since his beauty school opening, he has created color shades for dark skin shades and is now ahead of many other brands that just start to learn now how important these shades are! 
"I wanted an exclusive make-up brand that offered customers the know-how of a professional at an affordable price" - Beni Durrer


I worked for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in Munich, Germany and I like the brand so much because you can create very simple day looks as well as high-end photoshoot-looks with these high-quality products. The eyeliners are the very creamy and the famous shimmer bricks are just one of the many practical multi-use products with a stunning finish.
"Beauty begins with you. When the brand was founded nearly 30 years ago, this was our vision - and we champion it today. We make makeup that enhances - not hides - your true beauty." - Bobbi Brown


The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is the favorite choice of professional makeup artists. It gives you a second skin finish, and the coverage is light to full buildable. Perfect for every occasion!
The waterproof formula is wonderful for brides or someone who is exposed to extreme heat/humidity. It even resists the bright lights both backstage and above the catwalk.


Kryolan  is THE brand in the German theatre and TV scene. Professional colors, easy textures, high coverage and very functional products. The shade collection is sorted for EVERY color shade out there! I really love that!
"At Kryolan, we make make-up. But not like anybody else. We've been doing this over 70 years. And we're still doing it today. There is only one real professional makeup maker. There is only one Kryolan."


While I worked for the Shiseido Group in Germany, I have gotten in touch with this classy brand. I love the texture of these products and the very soft and elegant colors. My absolute favorite product is the Caviar Black Volume Mascara. Laura Mercier is a perfect brand for everyone who likes the "elegant chic" style.
Laura Mercier, pioneer of the Flawless Face, is a world-renowned makeup artist and continues to make artistry effortless through her intuitive approach to beauty and philosophy: “What makes you unique makes you beautiful."


I love the product variation of this hair care brand. There is a product for every hair type!

Today they offer over 100 products and are active in over 80 countries. 
This is an absolute cult American hair product brand with a huge and professional product palette which is often used in exclusive hair salons.

Paul Mitchell Beauty Schools offer cosmetologist and esthetician classes which underlines their professionality and know-how! 

Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes wanted to create makeup that allowed everyone to obtain the highest level of quality they deserve.

Barnes was hired earlier in his career by Shu Uemura - Barnes now has three decades of knowing exactly what works, and has perfected his own palettes on JLo during their two decades and counting, duet.

.With these products you get a real " Star Treatment". Scott Barnes’s makeup brand is a love letter he is putting out into the world to share with everyone who wants the opportunity to be the best version of themselves. 

shu uemura

Quality Quality Quality!
I have never used a better hairspray/ blow out serum... than from this brand. All the products are super lightweight and actually do what they promise.

Inspired by the Tokyo flair, Connecting past and present.

Mr. Shu Uemuras philosophy: “hairdressing is never complete without beautiful make-up and beautiful make-up is never complete without beautiful skin.” 

Make your request now

Please send me a non-binding request to discuss your questions and wishes. 

My monthly available bookings are limited. Please make sure to schedule your request well in advance. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

COVID-19 Hygiene Regulations

Your health and beauty is my highest priority.
Therefore, I have hygiene standards that I would like to share with you.

What You Can Expect
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all my services are provided with me wearing a mask at any time in order to protect you. The mask is disposed after every client. Equipment, personal devices and utensils are constantly sanitized with disposable 99.99% disinfectant wipes.  

Sanitization Standards
I wash my hands thoroughly before and after every client for at least 30 seconds.
Before applying cosmetic products, I disinfect my hands.
All makeup sponges are disposed to avoid bacteria and infections.
For applying Mascara, I use disposable mascara wands to avoid eye infections. For any other application techniques I use disposable cotton pads, disposable lip wands or disposable wipes. 
Cleansing and skincare products are only used out of tubes or are taken out with the help of a disposable cotton swab.

In order to maintain a high standard of hygiene, I only work with deeply cleaned brushes which are washed and disinfected before each client.
Before I use the brushes for a makeup service, I disinfect the brushes with a 99,99% bacteria and virus disinfectant. 
I have enough brushes at my disposal so that I can use enough cleaned and unused brushes for each client. 

Additional Hygiene Measures
The makeup cape is deep cleaned before every client and I have multiple capes with me in case of additional client services.
I disinfect all makeup surfaces, including the clients stool and mirror with a 99.99% bacteria and virus disinfect before I open my cosmetic equipment bag and setting up my work station. After finishing the service, I sanitize and wipe all equipment. Garbage what is produced during the hair and makeup service will be removed from me in a garbage bag and immediately thrown away. 

If you feel suddenly sick, having symptoms or live with someone who has Covid-19, please inform me to reschedule the appointment and avoid the spread of the virus. In case you are not sure, please let's play it safe and postpone your appointment.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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