Tropical Lifestyle with the Hawaiian Dr. Allon Amitai

Meet one of the most interesting persons of Kauai and his adorable pet Lilikoi!

Allon jumping from cliff in Kauai. The Hawaiian Aloha lifestyle with Dr. Allon Amitai.

About Allon

The Hawaiian Dr. Allon Amitai is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I admire his knowledge about being in mental and physical balance. His outstanding life story begins with his childhood in South Africa goes on with his career in New York, California combined with work experience in Middle East and Asia. 

When he joined the Aloha Mission in French Polynesia, the 'Aloha lifestyle' caught him. Today, he lives on one of the Hawaiian archipelago islands Kauai. 

Lilikoi the pig

His roommate is, among others, an endless cute and lovely pig named ‘Lilikoi’ which means 'passion fruit':

Lilikoi the pig smiling. Hawaiian Pig looking towards the camera.

Lilikoi welcomed us with her cat friend, named Tuli. When we arrived at Allon's home our suitcases got mercilessly raided by Lilikoi (we got warned by Allon but didn't expect her to be that clever... she can open doors and bags if they are not correctly closed). Her appetite is endless but we learned fast and had a lot of fun feeding her fresh pineapples and other snacks.

Lilikoi greeted us whenever we came back from out day trips. It was an unusual and funny welcome when she had her cat friend sitting on her back while waiting for us in front of the patio.

Needless to say that we fell in love with Lilikoi on day one.

Be part of Allon's and Lilikoi's adventures

Allons' cultural experience and knowledge of general health is the answer to understand how to live a balanced life. Get inspired by his lifestyle. Take a peek into his paradise life:

He has a huge property where you can stay overnight, walk, and see the jungle out of your room window and hear every morning the authentic sound of the Hawaiian jungle full of beautiful chirping birds.

Allon and Lilikoi as surfing team. Surfing pig in the Hawaiian ocean.

Allon is the Indiana Jones from Hawaii and will open a fresh coconut from his trees right in front of you with one strike of his machete. Soooo tasty!

He knows all the hidden gems of Kauai and will climb with you every mountain as high as you dare while explaining what kind of nuts or fruits you can or cannot eat from the various trees you walk by.

Lilikoi Morning Welcome. Selfie with a pig.

Get in touch with Allon to start your unique and authentic Hawaiian experience:

Please note: during the COVID-19 pandemic traveling is difficult and not advisable. Make sure to pick a date in the future when things have settled. Stay healthy, stay safe! Aloha!


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