The Menehune - Hawaiian Mythology 

Who are Menehune and what do they have to do with Hawaii? Dive into some folklore and learn more about these mythical people.



The Menehune

Hawaiian mythology mentions little dwarf-like people known as Menehune who enjoyed life and work in Hawaii and, according to some legends, even had magical powers.
The Menehune originated from the Polynesian Islands and lived for thousands of years together in total harmony. They are said to live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, far away from humans. 

Their social system was one of the many responsibilities of their chief, called 'kapu' (Hawaiian for 'taboo'), and regulated the permissions how and where it is allowed to fish and how they had to work.
To avoid encounters with humans and foreigners, they mostly worked in the night and after dark in the deep forests where no one could see them.

The Menehune are described as diligent craftspeople who built Hawaiian roads, houses and traditional temples (heiau). They loved dancing, eating bananas and fish. Menehune music is very traditional, emotional and full of the Aloha spirit.

How cute: Menehune are only about 2 feet (60 cm) tall and some stories claim that they even fit in the palm of your hand.


The Alekoko Fishpond Tale

One day, the Menehune discovered foreign people on the Alekoko fishpond and the myth says that they turned them into stone pillars which you can still see and visit in this area. This fishpond has become one of the most famous Menehune places in Kauai. According to some sources, the archipelago gives you energy and inspiration and is worth a visit that you will never forget! Isn't that exciting?

Menehune Fishpond Kauai

The Menehune bring luck and wild minds. In some Polynesian restaurants you get a little Menehune figure attached to your cocktail mug. You should keep it to benefit from the luck that these hard working dwarfs will bring.

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