Kōena is a Hawaiian word and means balance. 

Kōena shall remind you to keep your daily life balanced with a positive mindset. Here my 3 little missions I try to follow everyday on my imaginary list. 

I find them extremely helpful for uncovering my inner balance next to real life situations:

1 - Finding a happy place. (a room with direct sunlight or walking outside in nature e.g. forest or beach)

2 - Relaxed body position and listening to deep lyrics or relaxing music to disconnect from all surroundings.

3 - Closed eyes, spraying the "tropical lei face mist" all over my face - DEEP BREATHS!

Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders...

...have an understanding for balance or harmony which is called "Lokahi", the holistic triangle. There are 3 points of this triangle including the mental, physical and environmental health. This way of practicing harmony can lead to successful healing for the overall health.

The Practice of traditional healing includes following exercises

* ho' oponopono (conflict resolution, expressing gratitude and forgiveness)

* lomilomi (means "rub rub", deeply relaxing massage technique helps to get rid     of old stored stresses, toxins and releases tension)

* la' au lapa'au (Holistic medicine practice with native plants and herbs) 

* la' au Kahea (Prayers to find spiritual healing)

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