Ben Nye Scar Wax | Rob Whitehead Silicone | Mouldlife Sculpt Gel
Following products are my favorite appliances to create cuts, wounds or other special effects which require no continuity.
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I enjoy testing out prosthetic material in order to get more knowledge about the differences. It can be sometimes overwhelming when I watch all the videos of Award winning Makeup or Prosthetic Artists and to figure out which prosthetic material is really the best. 
There are popular sfx beauty brands who manufacture special effect products for decades and these products are still best-seller, for reasons.. sometimes it is very useful to work with basic or standard material, for example the Company Kryolan is on the top of the beauty sfx market for over many decades and I love their products so much BUT I also saw a few new creators on the market who put extra science into the their fx materials and specialize in specific categories for example Christian Tinslay, - An award winning Makeup Artist, produces outstanding Pro-Bondo transfer material - PTM.  
When Makeup artists with decades of experience in the TV & Film industry, create their own products - they know exactly what is missing and what would need to get changed to achieve better results, long-lasting and more realistic looks. These highly skilled artists do this for such a long time, they figured out under hardest conditions on a movie set - how to make prosthetics work their best! This is so inspiring to me that I definitely had the desire to try out some new prosthetic material I can use OUT OF KIT and getting better in this game. 
Watching all the videos or reading informative books about  TV and Film Makeup is for sure not enough, it needs TRAING, TRAINING & TRAINING! 
Let me to share with with you my test for various sfx material in comparison to each other

1 - Ben Nye Scar Wax

Wax applied + translucent powder
Final Look with sfx Kryolan - Fresh & old Scratch + Mehron fresh blood 

2 - Rob Whitehead Silicone out of a tube

Silicone applied + translucent powder
Final look with sfx Kryolan - Fresh & old Scratch + Mehron fresh blood 

3 - Mouldlife Sculpt Gel

Similar to the famous 3Degree Silicone (A+B) but a different texture as the name suggests. Mouldlife Sculpt gel offers 3 parts material A+B+C, the 3rd part C is especially made if you need more flexibility or stretch on certain body parts for example on the neck area I use like usual A, B and on top in equal parts mixed plus the C material which provides the flexibility to stretch better. I like to have the option, that's why I prefer this to the 3rd Degree but I still use 3rd Degree, it just depends on the effect I want to create.
Gel applied + translucent powder
Final look with sfx Kryolan - Fresh & old Scratch, and Mehron fresh blood 
 Tell me below your thoughts and experience working with special effects products. Let's share our knowledge :)




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