Monsterpalooza 2023 California

 Inspiring. Educating. Networking.

As a Professional HMUA, working in the Tv and film industry, Monsterpalooza is such a perfect place to get to see inspiring SFX makeup looks or creatures you know from award winning movies. Besides getting inspired or watching how the artists bring characters to life – you have the chance to get to know the creators of beauty brands, SFX schools and of course top artists in this wild industry.
I’ve got the chance to meet some of my Idols at the palooza, I’m still blown away how everyone talked to me so honest and even shared tips along about working in this fast paced Industry.
Ve Neill, Award Winning MUA & Legends Academy Founder
Of course I’ve let a few $$$ at some booths, everyone who buys there, gets discounts and doesn’t have to t pay any shipping or taxes ;-)
For me it is important to keep track of the newest developments in the hair and makeup scene in order to know how things work.
It’s a must do for me to try out certain products and tools I’ve never used, it really helps to get a better all over understanding of the different benefits of a product.
Rubber FX Prosthetic Appliances
Mel Products USA, Prosthetic Appliances
EBA Performance Makeup
(One of my Favorite Airbrush Makeup Brands, European)
& Ferrari under the Airbrush Aystems -Iwata Airbrush 

Training and Learning

I’ve attended 2 different beauty schools back in Germany in order to get to know all the skills I needed to know in order to become a professional hair and makeup artist, on top I self-taught all my skills about sfx makeup throughout the years.
To make a difference and to build my knowledge about the Film Industry in the US, I decided to sign up for a makeup academy in Los Angeles which offers individual, flexible and weekly courses. Especially if you work as an independent makeup artist, attending a school with flexible courses makes the most sense.
Here my recommendations in case you look for an outstanding Makeup Academy, for - in Person or Online courses.
In Person Classes
Legends Makeup Academy
Cinema Makeup School
Online Classes
Dick Smith Special Effect Makeup Training
 Stan Winston School of Character Arts 


Some Impressions From The Event


Lois Burwell, Award Winning MUA,
& Kenny Myers Creator of Skin Illustrator -
Live SFX Makeup Presentation, Braveheart 
Steve La Porte, Award Winning MUA
Live Makeup Presentation, The Terminator
THE Matt Winston, Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Cinema Makeup School, Live SFX Presentation
Dana Nye, Son & CEO of Ben Nye Cosmetics
I love Clowns, how about you?
In 2024, I will stay for full 3 days at this event. I recognized that I didn't plan enough time for the museum and the theater, so watch out for a Monsterpalooza blog #2 next year! 
 SFX Creature 


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